Using in Canvas

Emory University Libraries provides a subscription for all Emory University faculty, students, and staff. Lynda has more than 4,000 educational videos on topics ranging from using different technologies to building business and professional skills. You can access the Emory login here.

You can browse the Lynda video library when you login and find videos that are useful for your course.

Including video from Lynda in your Canvas course is easy! Just follow these simple instructions.

1. Login to and select the course/video you would like to share.

2. Click on "Share"


3. Choose the link you want to use:

    a. Click "Copy" next to "share this video" to add a link to the entire course 

    b. Click "Copy" next to "share this course" to copy a link to a specific video segment from the course

    c. Click "Copy" next to "embed this video" to embed a video directly into your Canvas course. Note: you can only do this with public courses, so not all videos can be embedded.

4. Go to the place in your Canvas course where you want to include the Lynda video.

5. Click "Edit."

    a. To link to a video or course, paste the copied link. To make text link to the URL, select the text and then choose "Link to URL button" and paste the link and click "insert link."

Link to URL

    b. To embed a link to a video (make it appear directly on the page), click on the place you want to add the video and click on "Insert/edit media" button and then the Embed tab. Paste the embed code there and then click "OK."

embed button

embedded media

6. Save your changes.