Requesting a Canvas Course

Request a Canvas Course - Please fill out the form at this link if you need to request a Canvas course site. Keep reading to learn about our approval and review processes for Non-OPUS courses, as well as the other platforms that fit some uses and audiences better than a Canvas course.

Course creation and review
Most Canvas courses are automatically created based on OPUS course listings. All requests for Non-OPUS courses are reviewed for use and audience fit for Canvas. Existing Non-OPUS courses are reviewed each February; inactive courses are removed.

Use fit
Some use of Canvas consists in teacher-to-student communication via announcements and posted files. Canvas is great here, but other platforms offer similar features. Fuller use of Canvas includes student-to-teacher and student-to-student communication - students submit assignments, post in discussions, take tests and quizzes, work in groups, etc. These features distinguish Canvas from other platforms.

Audience fit
Canvas is most appropriate for student audiences participating in a process with specific learning outcomes. Other platforms may be more appropriate for audiences made up of faculty and staff, or for audiences including students united primarily by belonging to the same institutional unit (e.g. cohorts and departments).

Other platforms to consider
ELMS: If you are a business unit that has requirements to retain records and audits of employee certification and or training, you should work with the PeopleSoft team to create a space on the Emory Learning Management System (ELMS) that will include automatic audits, etc. To request a space on ELMS:

Healthcare LMS: If your training or class is intended for use by Emory Healthcare providers, use Canvas LMS at

Box: Document sharing and collaborative authoring
If your primary use is document sharing or collaborative document authoring, your best option is Box. All Emory users have a Box site ready to use by logging in to Emory Box.

Office 365 groups: Mass messaging, document sharing, calendar and event sharing, planning, workflows, surveys
You can view Office 365 groups by logging in to and looking for Groups on the left menu. Request a group via your local computing support.
Read more about Office 365 groups here.