Audience Response Systems

What is an Audience Response System (ARS)?

Audience Response Systems (ARS) allow audience members or students in a class class to respond electronically to questions, surveys, polls and other prompts from a presenter or teacher. In most cases responses are submitted via a mobile device or laptop computer. Many lecturers choose to use audience response systems to help keep their class engaged in the lecture by adding an element of interactivity. The ARS software allows the presenter to choose to display the responses or not.  In addition to enhancing engagement, ARS can be used as an in-class quiz tool, an attendance tool, or as a way to identify misconceptions, guage preferences and opinions, and solicit discussion points.

Why use an audience response system?

  • ARS harnesses the “testing effect”, increasing retention:
  • Results provide real-time feedback about student understanding.
  • ARS promotes an active learning environment.
  • If desired, instructors can award points for correct answers, making quizzes competitive, which heightens student interest.
  • Using an ARS provides formative feedback.
  • ARS provides analytics and data collection tools.

Which ARS systems are supported by Teaching and Learning Technologies at Emory University?


Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform that provides a quick way to create interactive quizzes, deliver them via a mobile app or web portal in the classroom and provide formative feedback to students. Kahoot! allows instructors to get up and running via a simple, intuitive interface and easily incorporate active learning into lectures. Kahoot! allows even the most tech-phobic instructor to add interactivity to lectures with a limited number of steps.

What are features of Kahoot!?

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is an online polling platform that allows interactive participation through real-time questions in the classroom by utilizing either a mobile app or web page portal. With more depth and a larger learning curve than Kahoot!, Poll Everywhere integrates with PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides, offers instructors a range of analytics that tracks individual students, allows for more nuanced moderation and expands options for question types in a sequence of questions.

What are features of Poll Everywhere?

 What are the differences between Kahoot! and Poll Everywhere?


ARS Help

Poll Everywhere Website Support Resources:

Kahoot! Website Support Resources: and

Book a 1 on 1 Appointment: John Willingham, Sam Timme, and Athan Gilette:


Faculty Support for Poll Everywhere

Advanced Features - Note some features require a subscription account. The free account can be used with up to 40 students.

Faculty Support Materials for Kahoot!

Student access for Kahoot! and Poll Everywhere


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