Teaching with Canvas Cohort Program

Summer–Fall 2018

The Teaching with Canvas (TWC) Cohort is designed to facilitate the inquiry and application of teaching, learning, and collaboration made possible by the Canvas Learning Management System. The purpose of the cohort is to provide Emory faculty with a supportive and shared experience while they explore how thoughtful Canvas course design supports instructional strategies such as student interaction, communication, collaboration, and field work.  

Examples of course design strategies include: 

  • Utilizing Canvas Calendar to list all course assignments & due dates (including in-class assignments) 
  • Creating video lectures (full length or supplements) accessible within Canvas 
  • Having a Class FAQ Discussion Board to answer questions & concerns, and promote peer engagement 
  • Developing student group assignments for research data collection 
  • Using the Canvas gradebook to provide feedback to students about course progress 

How to Apply to the Teaching with Canvas Cohort for Summer–Fall 2018 


From June 2018 through August 2018, participating faculty members will work as summer schedules allow one-on-one with a dedicated LITS Teaching & Learning Technologies Educational Analyst to begin planning their new or redesigned course. 

Once fall 2018 semester begins, participating faculty will be asked to attend one cohort meeting per month and one individual consultation each month. The group meetings facilitate peer instruction and feedback; monthly one-on-one consultations with an assigned Educational Analyst provide an opportunity to address individual instructional design and educational technology needs. 

Participants will be encouraged to keep a reflection journal to regularly document the discoveries and challenges they encounter as they research instructional strategies and develop their Canvas course. This reflection coupled with cohort insights and teaching experiences will provide the foundation for participating faculty to share their experience with the larger campus community (for example, by publishing documentation, or participating in a video interview). 

Because of the time-intensive nature of a full course redesign, faculty participating in all cohort activities and completing their Canvas course will receive a $500 stipend, in addition to the following benefits: 


  • Personalized assistance developing a new or re-designed course in Canvas. 
  • Access to dedicated TLT Educational Analysts and Academic Production resources. 
  • Exposure to innovative tools and techniques during monthly sessions. 
  • Emphasis on student engagement using educational technology tools and best practices. 
  • Recognition from the University for a commitment to enhanced teaching and learning though use of instructional technology.  
  • Maximum 10 faculty participants in the cohort to ensure a personalized experience. 

Total Time Commitment

  • 1 hour kickoff and consult TLT session June & July (optional as summer schedules allow 
  • 1 hour consult kickoff session with your TLT educational analyst in August 
  • (360-9minute group cohort meetings Sept, Oct, Nov.  Meetings will typically be custom developed workshops and/or lunch meetings for cohort faculty.   
  • (3) 30 min-1 hour consult sessions with your TLT educational analyst Sept, Oct, Nov ** 
  • (4) 30 minute journal writing sessions August-December 
  • 2 hour course showcase December 

Minimum faculty time commitment = 12 hrs with TWC cohort staff/activities during Fall semester 2018 
This is the minimum faculty scheduled time commitment with TWC cohort peers and TLT staff.  Faculty may spend time outside of cohort activities revising, testing or fine tuning their course if desired. 

**Faculty may schedule as many consult sessions with TWC staff as necessary. Consult sessions typically run 30 mins- 1hr and are conducted in person or over the phone as needed.  A minimum of 1 consult session each month for Sept-Nov is required. 


  • March 20 - April 2 2018:  Applications are open 
  • April 2018:  Cohort faculty are announced 
  • June – August 2018: One-on-one planning sessions 
  • September - November 2018: Monthly group meetings and one-on-one consultations 
  • December 2018: Canvas Course Showcase 

Eligibility & Selection Process

All Emory regular faculty (Lecture and Tenure Track) are eligible to applyOthers may be considered by special requests.  All applicants must be scheduled to teach in their focus course during Spring 2019. 

Selection Criteria:  For the pilot TWC 2018 Cohort, the number of participants will be limited to 10 faculty members.  If more than 10 faculty apply, then TLT will select participants based on the following factors:  (1) current level of Canvas course student engagement; (2) compatibility of instructional needs/goals with TLT and Academic Technology Services and partners; (3) diversity of courses (size, topics, and/or university divisions). 

How to Apply

Applications for the 2018 cohort will be accepted March 20th – April 2.   

Applications should include a description of the Spring 2019 course you would like to design/redesign in Canvas; an outline of course learning goals or objectives; and a statement detailing anticipated outcomes from redesigning the course.  Examples of outcomes include: 

  • Having lectures/class materials available for review or for students missing class 
  • Developing virtual office hours and meetings with students/student groups 
  • Improving student outcomes regarding a particular lesson/topic within my course 
  • Creating a Canvas component for my class for the first time  
  • Flipping my classroom (lectures online; lab work/activities during class time) 
  • Using classroom engagement strategies to better connect students with course objectives 

Apply to the Teaching with Canvas Cohort for Summer–Fall 2018


This program is supported and funded by Teaching & Learning Technologies (TLT), a division of LITS.