Respondus LockDown Browser


  • Most Respondus problems are due to one of the following:
    • Firewall conflicts > turn off the firewall
    • Anti-Virus software conflicts > turn off the anti-virus program
    • Loss of internet connectivity > send teacher a message and try to reconnect and resume exam
  • Other potential issues
    • Give the browser a few seconds to fully load the exam before clicking 'Take the Quiz'. Clicking too soon has been reported as a potential cause of issues
    • Browse to the quiz from the Assignments page, or the Modules page. Sometimes following links in notifications or in the 'To do' section of your Dashboard will fail to send all of the necessary parameters to the Canvas server.

Downloading Respondus LockDown Browser

Download the latest Emory installer for Respondus LockDown Browser

Troubleshooting Respondus LockDown Browser

  • Respondus tells you to use a standard browser to navigate to exam

    If you see a messages that says, "Lockdown Browser should not be used to log in to your Learning System and navigate to your exam...", this error is most likely due to having the wrong version of Respondus Lockdown Browser installed on your computer.

    Be sure that you have downloaded Respondus Lockdown Browser from the link above that has the code, "id=947241074" at the end of it. This code is specific to Emory and is the only version of Respondus that will work with Emory's Canvas instance. You might encounter this problem if you downloaded Respondus at a different school.

    To fix the problem, uninstall Respondus, clear your browser's cache and then reinstall Respondus using the Emory's Respondus link -

  • Blank screen during exam

    A blank screen indicates that the browser has lost connectivity with your institution's server, and the webpage cannot load into the browser. 

    In most cases, you should be able to leave your exam, shut down LockDown Browser, and restore your internet connection. We recommend restarting your computer and moving as close to the router as possible.

    If a freeze has occurred, and you're unable to exit, please reference  this article 

    For more information see -