Canvas Community

The Canvas Community is a collaborative space where community members go to Find Answers, Join Groups, and Share Ideas.  Everyone can search and view content in the Canvas Community.  In order to participate you must log into the Canvas Community.

Emory University community members can share ideas for improving Canvas and help shape community priorities for future feature development.  Participating in the Canvas Community system is the most effective way to influence how Instructure develops its products.

Instructure has a process for all Feature Idea Request.  We recommend all Emory University Canvas Community members become familiar with this process as your participation in the Canvas Community provides an opportunity for your voice to be heard.  Before submitting an idea, search to make sure the idea doesn't already exist.

If you have a new idea, you can suggest it here to begin the process of having it vetted by both your Canvas Community peers and the community administrators.

Click here to read a detailed document explaining the entire participatory process of proposing and voting on feature ideas.