End of Semester Checklist

1) Add Course End Date if Needed

Term end dates set for Fall 2020 in Canvas will cause the following:

  • Students can access Fall 2020 courses through February 3, 2021. After that date, students cannot view or interact with Fall 2020 courses.
  • Teachers and TAs can edit Fall 2020 courses through May 31, 2021. After that date, Teachers and TAs can view, but not edit, Fall 2020 courses. 

Teachers can override term end dates before the dates pass by adding a different end date in their course's Settings area, checking the box beneath it labeled "Users can only participate in the course between these dates", and clicking Update Course Details.

How do I change the start and end date for a course?

2) Put in Zeroes for Missing Assignments

If students are missing assignments you will need to put in zeroes for those missing assignments. The easiest way to do this is to open your Grade Center and look for empty grade cells. Selecting the 'Treat missing assignments as zero' option in the Grade Center settings does not actually record a grade of zero in your gradebook and it may result in students seeing inflated overall scores in their Grades view.

How do I update grades in the Grade Center?

How do I excuse an assignment for a student?

3) Download Your Grade Center

You can download a spreadsheet of your Grade Book data from the Canvas Grade Center
How do I download Grades from the Grade Center?

4) Students With Incompletes

If you have a student or students who need access to a course site after the course is concluded, contact the Teaching and Learning Technologies team at classes@emory.edu.