The New Canvas Gradebook

The new Canvas Gradebook introduces a new set of tools that enhances an instructor's ability to view and manage gradebook content. The majority of the new features are focussed on making it easier to sort and filter gradebook columns based on modules, assignment groups, sections and student groups.

The new gradebook also makes it possible to see unpublished assignments.  Column width and order can now be resized and reordered using your mouse.

Other new features include new grade visibility options, an enhanced grade detail tray and automatic grading rules for late and missing assignments.

View this 'Quick Start' guide for a graphic display of some of the new features and watch the video below for a more detailed introduction to the new tools. At the bottom of this page you will find links to the Canvas Instructor guide pages.

New Gradebook Overview

The Teaching and Learning Technologies team will be offering online training sessions about the new gradebook throughout the Fall '19 and Spring '20 semesters. Please visit our Training Calendar to view a schedule of available sessions.

The new gradebook is simple to use and for the most part does not remove any features that faculty may have come to rely on. It mostly adds new features that make it easier to view your gradebook content.

The one feature that is significantly different is the method by which assignments are 'muted'. In the new gradebook this is referred to as the 'grade posting policy'. See How do I select a grade posting policy for a course in the New Gradebook? for a detailed explanation of this change.


New Gradebook FAQs from the Canvas Instructor Guide