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Canvas is Emory's Learning Management System (LMS) that was selected to replace Blackboard as of Fall 2017. In Canvas, you can view your course information from your desktop/laptop or mobile device. Get started by learning the basic features of Canvas and how to navigate through the Canvas system.

Modules are commonly used to organize Canvas courses. If your instructor uses modules, you can view a schedule of course readings and assignments there.

Announcements and Notifications alert students about important course information. Set your norification preferences in Settings, such as how you want to receive notifications (e-mail or text) and how often. 

The Syllabus and Course Schedule are available to easily view the outline of the course. You can see a course schedule at the bottom of the syllabus page that is updated as your instructor makes new assignments and deadlines available. If you want to see the activities for the current date, click on "jump to today."

The Calendar shows the due dates for assignments and other scheduled activities in all of your courses.

Assignments and Quizzes for your course can be viewed in their respective sections and are often included in the Modules. Sometimes instructors will not make an assignment accessible until a certain date.

Discussions allow instructors to post questions and readings for students to participate in course-related conversations with each other.

Groups are for collaborating on projects, participating in group discussions, and sharing files among a select cohort of students within a class. 

Canvas Essentials

This short video gives you the information you need to get started using Canvas. Explore topics in further details by following the links below the video.

Customize Your Course List

Set Your Canvas Notification Preferences

Submit an Online Assignment

View Assignment Comments from Your Instructor

Install and Use the Respondus Lockdown Browser

Create a Student Group

Reply to an Announcement

Add a Profile Picture to Your User Profile

Use Canvas Mobile for Students

Computer & Browser Requirements

Use a reliable PC or Mac computer with web access to view your Canvas courses. You will need broadband Internet connection (DSL or faster) and the ability to view media content, including videos. Canvas runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and other devices that have a modern web browser.

Canvas supports the most recent two versions on every browser. Make sure your browser is up to date! We recommend updating to the latest version of your browser as well as your browser's Flash plugin. See a full list of the browsers Canvas supports here.

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