Design & Best Practices

Canvas affords instructors many possibilities in the design and organization of their courses. The Emory Canvas team can help instructors get started with their course design by providing design ideas and helping them develop the skills to build more robust and creative courses.

Check out Keep Teaching with Canvas, a guide for remote instruction.

Read Digital Matters, a blog about teaching with technology.

The Canvas Commons is an online repository of Canvas courses from Emory and other universities, for course design ideas. 

Our course templates are also a good place to start when deciding on how you want to structure your content in Canvas.

Canvas has built-in analytics to facilitate assessment of courses and guide future course design.

In response to the rising cost of textbooks, Emory Libraries offers several affordable textbooks and teaching materials that faculty can use in their courses. Available materials include electronic textbooks, textbooks on reserve at the library, and the Emory Barnes & Noble bookstore’s textbook rental program.

You can always schedule an appointment with an Emory Canvas specialist for help with your course design.