Creating Accessible Canvas Content

Canvas provides a variety of tools to aid faculty in the creation of accessible and functional course content for most common accessibility cases. The links below will help you get started. 

General Accessibility Guidelines and Recommendations:

Accessibility within Canvas:

Guidelines for Creating Accessible Canvas Course Content:

Beginner's Accessibility with the Rich Content Editor:

Creating Assignments with Due-Date Accommodations:

Canvas Studio & Zoom

Canvas Studio is the native video management and tool in Canvas, which provides easy, integrated way to record, upload and share video content. Faculty can add videos from local files, record webcam or screen capture, or include YouTube videos. Faculty-created videos can have automatically-generated captions from within Studio to enhance accessibility. 

Accessibility within Studio:

Recording Webcam/Screen Capture within Studio:

Canvas Studio Captioning:

Zoom is Emory's campus-wide video conferencing tool, which can be used for remote teaching, group collaborations, and recording sessions.

Enabling Closed Captioning in Zoom:

Note: The accuracy of automatically-generated captions in any platform will vary depending on the clarity of the audio, the speaker and other factors. We recommend that faculty review and edit captions through Studio prior to publishing.


If you have any questions related to academic accommodations in your course, please contact the Department of Accessibility Services—Atlanta: or Oxford:

Need Help? Contact Us

Teaching and Learning Technologies is available to assist you in developing your Canvas content based on your course needs. Please contact us for a consult in person or by phone: