Canvas Commons

What is Canvas Commons?

Canvas Commons (or just "the Commons") is a digital repository for Canvas learning objects – quizzes, modules, syllabi, etc. Faculty and other users with content-sharing permissions can add content from their courses to the Commons as well as import content from the Commons to their courses. You can export or import entire courses or individual pieces of content (such as individual modules, quizzes, or files). The Canvas Commons Guide provides detailed instructions on using the Commons.

Access the Commons in your main Canvas menu via the icon at the bottom.

Use the Commons to share content publicly, with Emory users only or with specific users. Distribute Canvas content among colleagues such as:

  • Module templates
  • Syllabi templates
  • Quizzes and Assignments
  • Home Page templates
  • Course templates 

Commons allows for sharing among fellow Canvas users to make course-building and design easier and more collaborative.

Export/Import Instructions

Instructions for exporting entire coursesparts of courses, or individual files into the Commons.

Instructions for importing content from the Commons into your course.

Instructions for updating a resource your previously shared to Commons.

Best Practices

  • Resources you upload can be shared privately (only you), publicly with all Canvas users, with only Emory users, or with a restricted set of users. You choose your preference when you upload the content.
  • Sharing only with Emory only can make it easier for other Emory users to find your content.
  • If you want to share with a restricted group, you need to belong to a group (such as one created by your department) or have a group created. Contact Canvas admin to have a group created. Only admins can create groups, but you can see how it works here.
  • Add tags and a description to content you export into Commons.
  • Include attributions for any content you share in the Commons that you do not own, per the CC license.
  • Only upload content that is complete and ready to use. If your are testing Commons with practice content, delete it after your test.
  • There are six different licensing options when uploading content to the Commons.
  • Do not upload copyrighted materials that you do not own into the Commons.
Importing Content
  • Do not share content that contains faculty or student identifiers.
  • In the Commons search, you can filter your results by type, level, or rating.
  • You can search all Commons content or Emory only.
  • Search the exact name of the content, when possible, to find a specific piece of content. Search by keyword to find content related to specific topics/themes or authors.