Adding the Respondus Lockdown Browser LTI to a Course:


  1. Login to Canvas. 
  2. Navigate to your course. 
  3. Select Settings from the Course Navigation menu. 
  4. Click the Navigation tab. 
  5. Find LockDown Browser, click the gear icon, select Enable. 
  6. Click the gold Save button on the Navigtaion tab. 
  7. Click the LockDown Browser Course Navigation entry. 
  8. If prompted, Authorize the Respondus Monitor Server.*
  9. Follow the directions at to continue setting up quizzes for use with LDB. 

*IMPORTANT: If you are someone who will need to interact with LDB content administratively (adding, removing, or making available for students), you will need to click the LockDown Browser link on the Course Navigation (step 7) and authorize it if prompted (step 8). This should only appear one time because you authorize the tool to access your account across all courses using the LTI.

Respondus Authorization