Linking Your Canvas Course to a Turning Account


Adding the LTI to a Course:

  1. Login to Canvas. 
  2. Navigate to your course. 
  3. Select Modules from the Course Navigation menu. 
  4. Click the + Module button. 
  5. Enter ‘Turning Account Registration’ and click Add Module. 
  6. Click the + button for the module you created. 
  7. Click the selection box after the word Add and select External Tool. 
  8. Find and select TurningPoint Account from the list of tools. 
  9. Scroll down and check the box for Load in a new tab. 
  10. Click Add Item. 
  11. Click the gray cloud for both the Module AND the External Tool Link to publish them. The clouds will turn green with a tick when they are published.

See TurningPoint Cloud (PDF) for further information about using TurningPoint Cloud in Canvas.


Follow the TurningPoint Cloud Participant (PDF) directions.

Download The Participant List in TurningPoint Cloud

  1. Open TurningPoint cloud and switch to the Manage tab. Select "New" from the Participant List drop down menu. 
  2. Select "Download from Integration," and click "Create List." 
  3. Select "Canvas" from the Integration drop down menu. 
  4. In the Server Address field, enter "". 
  5. Enter your NetID and password, then authorize the third party application to access your Canvas account. 
  6. Check the boxes for all courses for which you'd like to retrieve enrollments, and click "Import."