Remote Proctoring with Respondus Monitor

Respondus Monitor is an addition to the Respondus LockDown Browser integrated in Canvas. Monitor provides a service that verifies student identity prior to taking a Canvas quiz, then records the student through a webcam while they take the quiz. The software uses artificial intelligence algorithms to flag potential moments during the exam where the faculty should review the video for potential behavior that might have compromised the integrity of the test.  

We strongly recommend that faculty follow the guidance of your department and school and only use Respondus Monitor after carefully reviewing the considerations below and only when deemed absolutely necessary.

Respondus Monitor support resources can be found here:

Should I Use Respondus Monitor?

Wherever possible, we recommend adapting assessments to a remote teaching environment rather than using webcam-monitored quizzing. There are significant technical requirements for Respondus Monitor that students may find confusing or overwhelming, and supporting faculty and students remotely in a new, quickly-deployed tool will present challenges. We recommend following the guidance of your department and school and the best practices as outlined by CFDE in deciding whether to use Respondus Monitor for testing.  

How Do I Create a Respondus Monitor Quiz?

Respondus Monitor works with “classic” Canvas quizzes, not New Quizzes. Almost all faculty are using classic quizzes, so unless you intentionally turned on New Quizzes, your quiz should be compatible with Respondus Monitor.  

To enable Respondus Monitor for a quiz, you first create the quiz in the Canvas quiz tool. You can also use an existing quiz as long as you have not had students taking the quiz already. Monitor uses the LockDown Browser functionality, so you’ll want to enable it in your course by going to Settings, then the Navigation tab, and find LockDown Browser in the list of tools. Click the three dots and select Enable, then scroll down and Save. 

You should now have LockDown Browser in your left menu. Students will not see this menu item. Select LockDown Browser and then continue until you see the Respondus LockDown Browser Dashboard. You may be asked to approve your account, and you should do so. 

You will now see a list of quizzes in your course. Press the down caret next to the quiz for which you want to enable LockDown Browser and select Settings. Then select “Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam.” Under Monitor Webcam Settings, select “Require Respondus Monitor for this exam.” You can change the items required in the Startup Sequence as outlined in the documentation below, but we recommend the defaults. Then select Save + Close. 

Once the quiz has been published for students, they will only be able to access it through LockDown Browser. 

A full vendor guide for instructors can be found here: 

Should I Use LockDown Browser for Remote Teaching without Monitor?

No. LockDown Browser is designed to be used in a physically-proctored environment. The added Monitor functionality makes it usable for remote monitoring. 

What Are the Technical Requirements for Students?

  • Students must have a Windows, Mac OS or iOS device to complete a test with Respondus Monitor. Monitor is not compatible with Chromebooks, Linux or Android devices.
  • Students will also need a stable, high-speed Internet connection for the Monitor video stream. 
  • Respondus Monitor will not work in a virtual machine or if virtual machines have been installed on the student’s computer.
  • Students are also required to have admin access to their computers and a webcam to take the quiz. 

Please be prepared for some students to lack access to the technology requirements for running Monitor and to provide accommodations to allow them to complete their evaluation. 

What is the Student Experience?

When they attempt the quiz in Canvas, they will be directed to access it through LockDown Browser with an option to download it if they have not done so already.  

Students are then prompted to take a photograph, show an ID to the camera and show their workspace. They are then recorded for the duration of their quiz. 

A student guide can be found here:   

What Happens After the Quiz?

Faculty can go back to the Respondus Monitor dashboard and review the videos. Each student is ranked by the software by the number of events flagged as needing faculty review. Leaving the room, having a second person enter or other behavioral concerns may be flagged by the software. Faculty can review the flagged milestones or watch any part of the student’s test. 

What Happens if There is Suspected Cheating?

Faculty should bring any such concerns to the Honor Council, as per normal.

Will Emory Continue to Support Respondus Monitor in the Fall?

No decisions have been made about long-term adoption of Respondus Monitor. The application is in place for the remainder of the spring semester and an assessment will be made after the term has completed.

I Have Other Questions about Respondus Monitor

Teaching and Learning Technologies would be happy to help. Please email us at to open a ticket. Please understand that this is a very new platform, and we’re learning it along with you.

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