Training & Workshops

The Teaching & Learning Technologies Canvas Support team provides ongoing training. Classes range from the basics of using Canvas features to using templates and web tools to enhance your Canvas courses.

Canvas 1-2-3: Training for Summer 2020

The summer Canvas training program is called Canvas 1-2-3 and it consists of our key Canvas training classes to get instructors familiar with the platform and how to use it. 

Canvas Basics – the place to start for those new to teaching with Canvas

Canvas 1: Essentials for Remote Teaching – the nuts and bolts of using Canvas and Zoom to conduct courses in these unprecedented circumstances

Canvas 2: Grading and Assignments the heart of Canvas, for student work and assessment

Canvas 3: Student Activity how to engage students online and how data describes their activity

  • We recommend instructors take our Canvas 1-2-3 cycle of training classes to get familiar with the basics
  • Classes don’t necessarily have to be done in order, but Canvas 1: Essentials for Remote Teaching is the place to start for those new to teaching remotely
  • TLT will offer each of these three classes multiple times a week, so folks can hit them all in just a few days
  • If instructors would prefer to take one session each week, they are offered so someone can start anywhere (say, this Tuesday at 2pm) and take the sessions offered at that same day-and-time for three weeks in a row
  • Additional workshop offerings (some weekly, some biweekly) on other important topics such as Canvas Studio, Quizzing, Analytics, and regular Lunch and Learn sessions are being added to the training calendar now, and Zoom & Video Best Practices Drop-ins will continue

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