Instructure maintains an extensive video guide at Canvas Community. This page lists additional video resources.

Canvas Trainer Recordings

To view these videos (recorded during a visit from a Canvas trainer), click the links, then login to Echo360 with your net ID and password.

Video Title & Link Description
Introduction and Overview (2:23) A brief overview of the topics covered in this video series.

Calendar (9:43)

Add assignments and events, build your course schedule, and sync other calendars with your Canvas account.
Modules I (10:27) Introduction to Canvas Modules, a space to organize course content all in one place. Set up modules of your course for students to work through week by week.
Modules II (10:08) Learn how to configure the settings in your modules using the gear icon options.  Control grading, prerequisite, and requirements rules.
Discussions (11:02) Start discussion threads on topics related to your course.  Choose grading, embedding, and other options.
Assignments (12:15) Add assignment content and adjust settings for points, types of submissions, due dates, and other details.
Quiz Settings (10:44) Build and set criteria for a grading rubric, and use rubrics to grade submitted assignments and graded discussions.  Design quiz structure, assign due dates, and designate settings like when to reveal correct answers and quiz-taking location by IP address.
Quiz Questions (7:15) Learn about the types of questions in Canvas and how to add questions to a quiz.  Create quiz categories, randomize quiz questions and set point value by groups.
Grading I (5:50) See what types of assignments students submitted, when they submitted them, and use Canvas grading functions to score assignments.
Grading II (9:40) Communicate with students about grades, use SpeedGrader, use annotation tools to add comments, group assignments, and set grading weight and rules.
Navigation (2:19) Set up the course navigation as students will see it on the navigation sidebar.

Teaching & Learning Technologies Videos

We have created videos on select Canvas features.

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Canvas is among the topics covered by, available to Emory University faculty, students and staff.

Full Course: Learn Canvas 2016 (1 hour 55 min)

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