Using Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere has been licensed for all Emory University students, faculty and staff as of the fall 2020 semester. Instructors can use Poll Everywhere to survey students during class in real time to assess point-in-time learning, take attendance, gamify lessons or survey students.

Logging In to Poll Everywhere

Your Poll Everywhere account can be accessed by going to and going to the “Log In” link. If you enter an email address, you will be redirected to Emory Login and logged into Poll Everywhere with an appropriate role.

Poll Everywhere Roles

Poll Everywhere users are split into two different role types: presenters and participants. Faculty and staff users are provisioned as presenters, who are allowed to create Poll Everywhere “Activities.” Student accounts are provisioned as participants, who are allowed to respond to activities created by participants. Student users are only required to log in if the activity is configured to require it; if the activity allows anonymous participation, logging in is not necessary.

Creating a Poll as a Presenter

If you have a presenter role, you can create a wide variety of activities within Poll Everywhere. You are assigned a unique username within the application which can be changed in the Settings menu. This username will be used by your students to access your currently active poll. We encourage instructors to consult the comprehensive Instructor Getting Started Guide or the documents linked below.

Controlling Access to Your Polling Activity

Activity presenters can create their polls and allow either unrestricted access ("Everyone - no restrictions") or require users to be authenticated on the Emory account ("Restrict to registered particpants only") under the Audience restriction and identity menu. Filters can be set by instructors for emoji, profanity filters and response moderation under the Moderation menu.

Using Poll Everywhere as a Participant

Poll Everywhere activities will be accessed differently depending on how an instructor chooses to implement the tool. In most cases, students will be given a URL and can respond to the poll through a browser or mobile device. Please review the brief Student Getting Started Guide to learn more.

Poll Everywhere Support and Training

Poll Everywhere offers vendor-provided support 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. EST on weekdays at 1-800-388-2039 or via email at Poll Everywhere hosts two different webinar trainings every two weeks:

For personalized help with using Poll Everywhere you may also email to create a support ticket or schedule a 1:1 appointment. Poll Everywhere has a lot of great features and Teaching and Learning Technologies would love work with you.