Canvas Features

Canvas is an innovative tool designed to simplify teaching with technology and elevate the student learning experience. It comes with a range of features, including the ability to post and grade Assignments and Quizzes, create interactive Discussions, organize content into Modules, and much more. On this page, you will find information about how to use the main features and integrate them seamlessly together.


Create customized assignments for students to access in a centralized place.


Build discussion boards that allow students to reflect on course topics and respond to peers.


Streamline the organization of your course for ease of use and student access.


Create quizzes in a variety of question formats and store questions for repeat use.


Simplify the grading process with Canvas’ built-in system that integrates with Assignments and Quizzes.

Canvas Studio

Embed and create educational videos and enable students to create their own video content for assignments.

Quiz Grade and Feedback

Customize how quizzes are graded and how students receive quiz feedback.

Zoom Links in Modules

Need to host office hours or an online class via Zoom? Learn best practices for placing Zoom links in your course.

More questions?

Get quick answers to some of the most common Canvas questions we receive from faculty, instructional designers, and students.