Adding Pronouns in Canvas

Students and instructors can now update their Canvas profile to include personal pronouns. Selected pronouns will appear next to your name in a variety of locations throughout Canvas. Adding pronouns to your profile takes just a minute:

  • Choose Account in the lefthand global navigation, then Settings > Edit Settings.
  • Choose your pronouns from the dropdown menu.
  • Click Update Settings to save.

Full instructions can be found here:

Selecting a Pronoun as a Student

Selecting a Pronoun as an Instructor

Student Characteristics Project Background:

Following the adoption of the Student Name and Pronoun Policy, the university launched the Student Characteristics Project in fall 2022. This project uses the Online Pathway to University Students (OPUS) to offer students the option to self-disclose characteristics including gender identity, sexual orientation, first-generation status, military affiliation, religious/spiritual identity and ethnicity, in addition to pronouns.

NOTE: Canvas currently cannot pull selected pronouns directly from OPUS. Students will need to select their preferred pronouns in both OPUS and Canvas until future technical integrations are complete.

For questions about the Student Characteristics Project, students, faculty, and staff can contact the Office of the Registrar.