Respondus LockDown Browser


  • We recommend that all instructors provide a Respondus 'test' quiz that students can use to verify that Respondus is working properly on their machine. Always keep your Respondus program and  your computer up-to-date. If updates are available, install them before taking an exam. Don't wait until the it's time to take a real exam to find out that your Respondus program isn't working on your machine.  
  • Make sure that your computer is fully charged before starting an exam. 
  • Most Respondus problems are due to one of the following:
    • Firewall conflicts 
    • Anti-Virus software conflicts 
    • Loss of internet connectivity > send teacher a message and try to reconnect and resume exam

Downloading Respondus LockDown Browser

Download the latest Emory installer for Respondus LockDown Browser

Troubleshooting Respondus LockDown Browser

The Respondus website maintains a page of common issues. If you run into problems, check this page to see if they have a helpful suggestion:

As mentioned above, if you are having problems, the first thing you should do is update Respondus and restart your computer. If this doesn't help, and the Respondus website doesn't provde a solution, copy any error messages that you are encountering and send them to the Emory Canvas team at