Teaching with Video: Tech Tips

For more advice on using Zoom with your class, visit our Teaching With Zoom resource.

Teaching wtih Zoom

For more advice on using video materials with your class, visit our Teaching With Video resource.

Teaching wtih Video

Notes on using Canvas Studio

  • When recording with Studio, keep recordings to 10 minutes or less. Longer videos can be problematic because of browser resource and bandwidth limits. Zoom is the better tool for recording long format lectures.
  • Studio is a tool for managing audio and video content in your course.  It has built-in recording tools but you can also use other tools to capture and edit your recordings. Mobile devices, cameras, audio recorders, QuickTime, Camtasia and other tools can be used to record your content.
  • Regardless of how your media recordings are created, it is recommended that you store all media content for your course in Canavs Studio because Studio does not have storage limits and does not impact Canvas course quotas.

Notes on using Zoom

  • Zoom cloud recording is not available to instructors in medical training programs. Exceptions are made on an individual basis at the discretion of each school (SOM, SON, RSPH). 
  • When you are adding Zoom recording links to Canvas Modules, be sure to select the check box for “Open In New Window,” if you don't the video won’t play.
  • It's probably best not to share video with your class over Zoom; it's a bandwidth hog. A best practice would be to share the video separately so the class can watch before or after meetings. If you so share, keep the video clips very short and be sure to select “Share computer sound” and “Optimize Screen Sharing for Video Clip” on the dialog box in “Share” screen option.
  • Protect your sessions from Zoom-Bombing. Here's some prevention advice from OIT and from Emory Police
  • To set Alternative Hosts and to pre-assign attendees to Breakout Rooms, you have to use the NETID@emory.edu version of Emory email addresses. The FirstName.LastName@emory.edu address is technically an alias and not recognized by Zoom. You can find folks' NetIDs in the People tab in Canvas.
  • To ensure the privacy and security of users, hosts should be sure to end all Zoom meetings by clicking “End Meeting For All.”