Enrolling People in Your Course

Open the People tool. Click the +People button. Select the look-up ID type and paste in the values.  The look-up ID types are:

  • E-mail address: Canvas has each user's primary email address on record, and the format of primary email varies (it may be firstname.last@emory.edu, netid@emory.edu, etc.). Entering a secondary email address for a user in the People tool will not work. Searching for colleagues in Outlook may help determine their primary email addresses.
  • Login ID: also known as NetID; the username, up to 7 characters.
  • SIS ID: also known as student ID or employee ID; a unique 7-digit code.

Student enrollment changes in OPUS should be reflected in Canvas within one business day. If you need to enroll a student manually, add them with the role Student (Non-OPUS)

Merging Courses

Courses that are officially cross-listed in OPUS are automatically cross-listed in Canvas, with students from each of the separate course listings organized in Canvas sections within the parent course. 

For non-official cross-lists, Canvas provides a way to merge multiple courses and sections into one Canvas course. However, combining course sections that do not meet together in person can violate the Federal Education Rights Privacy Act (FERPA) since students in different sections could see one another's enrollments and collaborative activity. Please do not cross-list courses or sections that do not physically meet together without taking these steps in your Canvas course settings to ensure data privacy across sections.

More information on FERPA and FERPA compliance is provided by the Registrar’s office.

You may cross-list multiple sections (enrollment lists) of a single course, e.g. a course listed in several different departments (OPUS shows that these are one course with a single enrollment total), since they physically meet as a single class. To cross-list a section from one course into another:

  1. Open the secondary (a.k.a child) course.
  2. Go to Sections tab in the course’s Settings.
  3. Click the name of the section, then click the “Cross-List this Section” button.
  4. Search for the primary (a.k.a. master) course, or enter its ID, in the dialog window.
  5. When the correct choice is displayed, click the “Cross-List this Section” button, then you’re done.
  6. Repeat for additional secondary sections as needed.

View a video tutorial of section cross-listing in Canvas.

View the guide for maintaining student data privacy in cross-listed courses within Canvas.

Preferred Names

Canvas uses students' preferred names as provided by the Emory Office of the University Registrar. Visit the Office of the University Registrar site to learn the process for changing your public-facing name in university systems.